About Us

Keith Meyers always thought he'd become a taste-tester in a candy factory.  He spent almost half a century trying out every sweet he could get his hands on. Then he discovered that homemade sweets were even better, so he amassed an arsenal of sugary recipes that form the base of what Sugar Jones has to offer.  He did spend the majority of his employed life working in the board game industry, which is where he developed his playful side.  Now he gets to play all day with candy!  Simply heaven!


Brenda Meyers is the driving force behind the retail side of Sugar Jones. With her award-winning prior stores Rejuvanest and Nosh Nest that were in Denver, she has the flair and knowledge to put together eye-catching displays and pulling together thoughtful gift-giving vignettes.   Now she's at it once again, and enjoying finding those one-of-a-kind products!