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This is what we are known for. We are crafting small batches from two dozen or so recipes. See what is available today!

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Golden, crunchy, airy brittle with a wide variety of nuts and other fine ingredients. Select your favorite!

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Our favorite because it combines nuts, chocolate AND toffee. How superb!

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Vanilla, Chocolate, Peppermint and more. Perfect when paired with your hot drinks!

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Oreos, chocolate coated and lovingly decorated!

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Candy Bars

Belgian chocolate with a wide variety of flavors and combinations

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Welcome to Sugar Jones

If Sugar Jones was a character – and she is! – she'd be both current and ageless. A trailblazer and role model. Everything you'd want in a best friend and confidante. As we represent her in the store, you'll find gifts and sweets that fit Sugar and her friends perfectly, making it the smartest way to treat yourself or select gifts for your pals!